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Lettering Workshops

Ever wanted to try lettering?

want to do it in a comfortable setting with people you feel good with?

Let's talk about private workshops for you & your friends! 

(one-on-one workshops available too but will be slightly more $)

message me & let's plan something fun!

workbooks & kits available to each attendee.

loads of pens to try before you buy!

Custom Engraving

Custom engraving on glasses & other items.

Engraving on glass is done by hand, by me and done with love.

contact me for more information!

Handpainted Wooden Signs

Custom (lettering by me) handpainted wooden signs for any occasion.

Pricing based on size and what is lettered.

Various colors of stain available.

Lettering can be done in glitter too!

Ideas:  Wedding signage, parties & other special events.

Pointed Pen/Brush Pen/Digital Lettering-Modern Calligraphy

Pointed Pen/Brush Pen/Digital Lettering-Modern Calligraphy for any occasion.

Wedding/party invitations, custom designs for the home, lettering on tile, agate slices, wood or create something new!

Custom lettering for a card to let someone know how special they are to you.

The possibilities are endless!

Laser Cut Services-Lettering/Shapes

Laser cut lettering/shapes (wood or acrylic).

Need your logo cut out? Want to give someone a customized gift?

Favors, placecards, awards & more!

Contact me with your ideas!

(I reserve the right to decline anything offensive to me.)

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