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Value Yourself

So tonight I uploaded a story on Instagram about how much I appreciate customers who appreciate my skill...my craft. If it resonated with you, I hope that you always remember to VALUE YOURSELF. Value your skills, your craft. Don't lower your prices because someone tells you "it's not worth that much" or "I can get it cheaper on ETSY or Amazon"...good for them! Go get it cheaper! Remember that saying "you get what you pay for"...yeah well, cheaper made in China, more often than not, looks CHEAPER, MADE IN CHINA. The difference between what I do and what you can buy at Ross or TJ Maxx is that I've put a little bit of love (SERIOUSLY) into every piece of work I create. As an artist, you can relate right? Hours and hours perfecting a design and we still UNDERCHARGE clients. Sometimes, work takes literally DAYS! The difference between what I do (and you, if you do what I do) and what you can buy cheap made in China is that: 1-You are supporting an actual human who is trying to make a living off what they love and 2-I (we) actually LOVE creating customized things for my (our) clients. Value yourself. Value your skill. Value your work ethic. And if you aren't an artist, please kindly spread the word that artists like me (us) really appreciate being respected, valued and supported for what we do!

xoxo, Jen.

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